Monthly Recurring Donations

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Supporting Gathering Waters: Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts helps protect the most loved and needed places throughout the state. Becoming a monthly recurring donor can benefit you, as well as Wisconsin’s special places.

Set up monthly recurring donations to simplify the donation process, spread out the financial impact on your year-end budget, and improve cash flow for Gathering Waters.

Simplify the donation process

When you sign up to give a recurring donation online, there are no checks to mail and no reminders needed. If you'd like a regular confirmation of your recurring donations, we can send you an email regarding your gift. Using online tools helps reduce the amount of paper we use, which is better for the environment -- it also enables us to allocate more resources directly to advocacy and land trust support!

Spread out your financial impact

A monthly gift allows you to spread the financial impact of your giving across the entire year. Even small increases to your monthly gifts over time can have a big impact. Monthly giving can also help minimize your stress at the end of the year.

Improving cash flow for Gathering Waters

Like you, our costs are spread out evenly throughout the year, but unlike most people, Gathering Waters receives the majority of our income from October to December. Monthly donations help us build a steady stream of recurring gifts, which reduces imbalances and provides much needed support during fallow periods.

A strong monthly recurring donation program can also help improve our long-range planning and decision-making. Revenue from recurring donations is far more predictable than revenue from one time gifts, which helps us forecast our revenue, allows us to plan and make decisions for our advocacy work and the growing needs of Wisconsin's land trust community. Your montly gifts yield more returns as we ensure Wisconsin's special places are being protected in perpetuity.

Click here to set up your recurring donation today!

For more information about recurring monthly gifts, please contact our Annual Giving Coordinator, Melissa Hunter, at or call 608-251-9131 x14.


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