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We offer workshops, training opportunities, and other services to all land trust practioners in Wisconsin.  Currently planned learning opportunities are listed below.  Questions, feedback and suggestions are most welcome and can be directed to Mike Strigel, Executive Director.

Virtual Training Opportunities

We, along with the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) and Heart of the Lakes Center for Land Conservation Policy, are pleased to continue our series of free Ask An Expert calls that are easy to fit into your busy day.

Ask-An-Expert Call Series

Designation Matters: Know Your Funds

November 7, 2014 at 11am Central

Can't tell an endowment from a dedicated fund? Confused about permanently-restricted, temporarily-restricted, board-restricted and unrestricted gifts? You're not alone, and it's critical to make sure the donations you receive are labeled properly.

Decipher the mysteries of funding designations. We will provide you with a secret decoder ring (model financial reports) to ensure your land trust can make good business decisions based on sound financial knowledge. Decrypt and discover:

  • Why funds should be designated properly, from ensuring your 990 is correct to meeting GAAP    (GenerallyAccepted Accounting Principles) requirements
  • The differences between restricted fund types
  • How dedicated funds differ from endowments
  • If you only can spend the investment income from a gift or if you can spend the gift itself
Everyone who asks for or manages donations will benefit from this call, especially board members, who act as their land trust's fiduciary agents!

Our discussion leader is Dana Chabot, a Certified Public Accountant who advises land trusts and other nonprofits in Wisconsin. He is also the financial manager for Gathering Waters, Wisconsin's land trust service center. Prior to joining Gathering Waters, Dana taught political philosophy and served as an auditor for nonprofits.

Space is limited, so please register today!
To register for this conference call, please email us your organization name, participant names and email addresses.
Registration closes on Wednesday, November 5, 2014


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