Special Services & Grants

These opportunities are available to Wisconsin land trusts by a periodic application process.  As a service to the land trust community we develop customized programming that promotes quality land conservation and fosters excellence.  We are able to heavily subsidize these programs and learning opportunities thanks to the generosity of our LEAP supporters, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

2013 LEAP Grants

We recently awarded our support to the following land trusts as they take on new and exciting projects in the coming months:

  • An endowment campaign for Baird Creek Preservation Foundation
  • A trailfinder mobile application for Bayfield Regional Conservancy
  • Board development for Glacial Lakes Conservancy
  • New membership software for Kettle Moraine Land Trust
  • A new website re-design for Northwoods Land Trust
  • New communications tools for West Wisconsin Land Trust
Through the Land Trust Excellence & Advancement Program, we're pleased to offer grants to the Wisconsin land trust community for independent projects.  This opportunity is open to all member land trusts on a competitive basis. Sign up for our technical e-bulletin, Currents, to get updates on new opportunities.

Services & Grants by application.

Periodically, we accept applications from land trusts on a competitive basis in the following categories:
  1. A Guided Standards and Practices Assessment using Land Trust Standards & Practices as a guide.
  2. Mentoring services from the Land Trust Alliance and Gathering Waters Conservancy to implement one element of Land Trust Standards & Practices. 
  3. A small grant ($1,000-$5,000) to be used to accomplish a needed activity that propels a land trust to a higher level of performance.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

This is an organized effort to match peers of similar experiences throughout the states of Michigan and Wisconsin to learn from one another as a component of both ACE (Accelerating Conservancy Excellence) and LEAP (Land Trust Excellence & Advancement Program).  This mentoring program fosters relationships and advances learning and sharing opportunities within the land trust community.  In addition to individual visits there are group learning opportunities throughout the year and we reimburse peers for making one trip to visit another peer.     

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