Corporate Giving

We live in a state where many local businesses and organizations share our passion for ensuring Wisconsin’s land and natural resources are healthy and plentiful for generations to come. This collective effort promises a thriving future for our communities. We invite your organization or business to join this effort.

Corporate gifts help Wisconsin land trusts increase the pace, permanence and quality of land conservation in the state.

Contributing to Gathering Waters also reflects your business or organization’s values and raises your visibility across the state as a key player in natural resources conservation.

In gratitude of your support, we will recognize you on relevant marketing and outreach materials, depending on your type and level of support.

There are two types of donations that your business or organization can make to support our mission.

Corporate Donations

Your business or organization can make a one-time or recurring contribution to support our programs and operations. Similar to an individual donation, corporate support provides us organizational strength, political clout, and financial stability.

In return for your corporate sponsorship, you will receive several benefits, including prominent recognition in our outreach materials, including our annual report. Benefits will vary depending on your level of sponsorship.

Event Sponsorship

We host a variety of events annually, as well as sporadic special events. Corporate financial support of these events is crucial to strengthening their impact and ensuring their success.

The benefits of event sponsorship are reciprocal. We provide our sponsors benefit packages—their contents depend on the level of support, but always including recognition on event marketing materials. 

To view a current list of our upcoming events, visit our Events page.

We're usually planning future events not yet posted on the web site.  Contact us to discover what events are on the horizon, or how your business or organization can make a contribution to benefit a specific event.

For more information on either type of corporate giving, contact Sara Dekok, Member Relations Director at 608-251-9131 x 10 or sara[at]

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