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Gov. Walker Threatens Land Protection Program

We are alarmed by Governor Walker’s budget proposal to freeze land purchases through the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program. As someone who cares about protecting the places that make Wisconsin special, we need your help. Please contact your state legislators and to the governor’s office today to express your concern and share why the Stewardship Program is important for your community.

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Take Action: 10 Ways to Save Stewardship

The way to make a real difference is to make sure decision-makers know how important the Stewardship Program is to you and your community. There are many ways to tell them. Check out these 10 Ways to Save Stewardship for an easy checklist of actions to take and tools to help you.

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Watch: the Value of the Stewardship Program

The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program protects Wisconsin's economy, land, water, way of life and so much more. Take a moment to watch this powerful video that demonstrates the wide range of benefits Stewardship brings to communities throughout the state.

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